Сферични кранове на женска резба

Сферични кранове на женска резба Ball Valves are used throughout fueling systems where a shut-off point is desirable to isolate a section of the piping system. These full-port, forged brass valves feature a manual open-close arm and a quick quarter-turn handle, allowing easy shut down of your AST or UST system. Compatible with gasoline, alcohol fuels, diesel and MTBE. Available with Lockable Handle (LH).

Сферични кранове тип FA1 и FA2

Сферични кранове тип FA1 и FA2 Use as an ON-OFF valve for: distribution lines for gas, air, water. Suitable for vacuum 1.10-3 STD CC, steam up to +195°C with PTFE+CARBOGRAPHITE and for industrial installations in general. Tanks to its reduced face to face dimensions and its intrinsic features it offers wide applications in new projects also as an alternative to the split body valve.

Сферични кранове тип 3W

Сферични кранове тип 3W ON-OFF valve for: deviation or mixing of fluids and gases in general installations:
• PTFE+15% GLASS FIBRE: + 190°C.
• PTFE+CARBOGRAPHITE: + 200°C (optimum from 60°C to 200°C).
• Ball drilling.
• PN40 DN65 - DN100.
• Reduction gears with manual operator.
• Stem extensions 50mm and 100mm.
• For further special requests please consult our technical/commercial service.

Иглени вентили 1224, 1316 and 1318

1224, 1316 and 1318 These valves are high quality, “true’’ throttling valves. Unlike most socalled needle valves, both the body seat and stem are tapered to provide fine, precise control over a wide range of adjustment without stem galling.

Иглени вентили 3165C, 3165S и TSS3169

3165C, 3165S и TSS3169 Especially designed to bleed off liquid or vapor pressures trapped in transfer lines. When installed in the downstream boss of RegO® globe and angle valves used at the end of a liquid transfer hose, the bleeder valve allows for the controlled venting of the product and indicates to the operator that the valves are closed and he can disconnect the coupling. They may also be used as a fixed liquid level gauge where the dip tube is part of the container.