Контейнери за AdBlue: BC U Slim

BC U Slim TThe BC U Slim systems are fitted containers suitable for the storage of AdBlue® and are equipped with industrial dispenser with integrated metric head.
The compact dimensions allow convenient positioning even when the space available is limited.
The AdBlue® container is designed to ensure the integrity of the dispensed product and the safety of the operator, the system and the environment.
The steel structure is lined with double wall insulated steel panels.
The internal tank is made in stainless steel, to guarantee the integrity of the stored AdBlue®.
An electrical heater and a venting system with electronic timer control the structure internal temperature.
The dispenser is fitted with metric head and integrated heater.
A side door allows access to the system to perform maintenance operations.

Контейнери за AdBlue: BC U

BC U In line with the company philosophy of a continuous innovation process and reactive to the market requirements, AMA supplies complete systems for the storage and dispensing of AUS 32 - AdBlue® specifically designed to guarantee the functionality and the product quality in any environment condition, in accordance with International Standard specifications (ISO 22241-1/2/3 2006).
The containerized versions are available in various storage capacity up to 30'000 l.
Each unit enables vehicles to be filled directly from the bulk storage facility, securing a reliable and efficient functionality and protecting the operator, the vehicle and the environment as well.