SiteSentinel® Integra 500 ™ предлага най-изчерпателните възможности за мониторинг на резервоарите.

SiteSentinel® Integra 500 ™ SiteSentinel® Integra 500 ™ предлага най-изчерпателните възможности за мониторинг на резервоарите, управление на запасите, тестване за екологично съответствие и отдалечен достъп до инвентаризация.
The SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ tank gauge offers the industry’s most comprehensive tank monitoring capabilities including inventory management, environmental compliance testing and remote access to real-time inventory data.
The tank gauge’s Automatic Calibration and Reconciliation ensures in-depth and up-to-the-moment fuel monitoring. Statistical Leak Detection offers continuous automatic in-tank leak-detection operation, while programmable Automatic Leak Detection will perform daily, weekly, monthly and annually required static leak tests when the system detects a quiet time.
The SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ also can enable cost-savings through multi-drop technology, which decreases installation costs by reducing the number of wires to the probes, sensors and leak-detection devices that are connected to the gauge’s internal I.S. module. With its Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and modem ports, the SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ tank gauge can accommodate the communication needs of every fueling operation.
A large color touchscreen provides one-touch access to a web-based interface, which provides online access to inventory information and facilitates remote training. In addition, all digital devices are automatically detected and configured, making it one of the most user-friendly tank gauges in the industry.

SiteSentinel® Integra 500™ Предимства

• Large color touch-screen display gives one-touch access to real-time inventory data, delivery status, alarm conditions, and leak-detection information – all accessible from a single cockpit view
• Statistical Leak Detection (SLD) optional advanced leak-testing technology - provides continuous automatic in-tank leak-detection operation, with no need to schedule test times or shut down tanks
• Programmable Automatic Leak Detection (ALD) performs daily, weekly, monthly, and annually required static leak tests when the system detects a quiet time
• Integral 4-channel multi-drop I.S. module
• Internal power supply works between 96-264 VAC, covering all global requirements
• International user-friendly icons follow guidelines in MIL STD - 1472
• Displays gross and net-corrected tank volume, product level, water level and temperature for individual tanks
• Configurable to meet localized settings (Date/Time formats and Metric/English units)
• Provides programmable correction factors for restrapping tanks (2,000 points)
• Includes address book of contacts to whom the unit can send text messages, fax and/or emails on any alarms and events
• Able to schedule reports to automatically run at specific times
• Communicates with industry-standard, third-party POS protocol and display format commands
• Compliance calendar accessible with a single touch
• Non-volatile memory for event storage up to ten years
• Optional external USB thermal printer
• USB and shared network printer interface
• Available output module provides multi-purpose relays, which can be used for outputs such as overfill alarms, sensor alarms or STP positive shutdown
• Optional density measurement sensor has the capability to monitor product quality
• Downloadable and Flash upgradeable software for easy updates
• Monitors up to 16 probes and 64 sensors

Технически спецификации

• Dimensions: 14.5 inch W x 12 inch H x 4 inch D (37 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm)
• Operating Temperature: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
• Humidity: Non-Condensing (Max 95%)
• Typical Mounting Location: Indoor, Non-Hazardous Area
• Power Requirements: 96-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Communication Ports: 1 x Ethernet, 1 RS-485, 2 x RS-232, 2 x USB, 2 internal USB, 1 x modem (optional)
• Standard relay: 1 output and 1 input internal relay connection
• Up to 16 relays max.: 4 output relays per module using optional OM4