Vapor Recovery Loading Arms
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      OPW Engineered Systems offers the world’s most complete line of Top Loading Vapor Recovery Solutions. With the variations in transports that exist today, it’s important to partner with a company that has the experience, the technologies and the breadth of product to meet any application. From a simple Fixed Reach Style Loader to a complex dual-line pneumatically actuated system; OPW has you covered.
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Loader Library

Following are several example drawings that have been applied in this application.
“Piggyback” Arm

Dual Arm Configuration

Vapor Recovery Attachments

Hatch Cover Vapor Plates

Tapered Plug Hatch Seal

Inflatable Hatch Seal


Hi Level Protection- Given that you would no longer have visual indication of fluid levels in tank, it is always recommended to have some means of secondary high level protection while top loading. OPW has a variety of Hi Level Indicators depending on your application.