Leaflet Overfill Prevention-8800E
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      The OPW CIVACON 8800E Overfill Prevention and Ground Verification Controller is designed for API bottom loading applications on single and multi-compartment tank trucks at storage depots.
      In the event of a possible overfill situation the 8800E output relay sends a signal to a Terminal Automation System, control valve or pump to shut-down the loading operation.
      Should proper grounding not be maintained a non-permissive signal, generated by the 8800E, interrupts the loading process immediately.
      This remote shutdown ability in combination with its enhanced features makes the 8800E the best fail-safe rack monitor available to the industry today.
      EN13922 and VOC directive 94/63/EC compliant.
  • Features/Benefits
  • Specification
  • Spare Parts
  • Accessories/Related products
  • Ordering specifications

Features and Benefits

•Automatic recognition and switching between OPTIC and THERMISTOR sensor technology
•Supports up to 8 two-wire and 12 five-wire sensors
•Self-checking ground verification incorporated in cable & plug assembly
•Two separate output relays for Overfill and Ground Verification
•Fail-Safe redundant output relays
•LED status indicator lights
•Multiple language LC Display
•Enhanced detailed diagnostic readout on graphic display
•SD RAM socket
•Real-time clock
•Vehicle data communication prepared
•Sophisticated wireless multiple-function & by-pass key
•Dead-man switch prepared
•Low temperature useable in extreme environmental conditions as low as -45ºC
•Conforms to EN13922 and VOC directive 94/63/EC

Product Specification

Input power supply
110-240 Vac 30VA 50/60Hz
Output relays
250V ac/dc 5AT
Communication RS485/422 data communication port
Operating temperature
-45ºC to +70 ºC
Response time < 400ms
Approvals ATEX II 2(1)G Ex d ia [ia] IIB T4
Enclosure IP65 acc. to IEC 60529
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 310x280x80 mm

Spare Parts

Part number
Main Seal
Corrosion Protector VCI-101/ ACF-50
Mains power input Fuse 2AT
Relay contact output Fuse 5AT

Accessories/Related products

Article number
7300E Green Poly Thermistor Plug , 10-pins, 4x J-slot c/w 6 meter coiled blue cable for 2-wire thermistor sensors (non EN13922 applications)
7100E Blue Poly Optic Plug , 6-pins, 3x J-slot c/w 6 meter coiled blue cable for 5-wire optic sensors (non EN13922 applications)
7450-7450 Storage hanger (for black Euro EN13922 10-pin plug).
7350-7350 Storage hanger (for 6-pin optic plug).
7150-7150 Storage hanger (for 10-pin thermistor plug).

Ordering specifications

Article number Description
8800E-CC/P 8800E, blue coiled cable, black (Euro EN13922) 10-pin plug.
8800E-CC/P/J 8800E, blue coiled cable, black (Euro EN13922) 10-pin plug, junction box.
8800E-CC/P/B 8800E, blue coiled cable, black (Euro EN13922) 10-pin plug, break-away junction box.
other configurations available upon request