Bottom Loading Arms
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     Bottom Loading Arm Systems offer numerous benefits over conventional top loading: • Safety of the person operating the loading arm is the prime advantage since the operator remains on the ground, not on top of the vehicle where falls are a common threat.
• Connections are made more quickly so overall loading time is reduced.
• Bottom loading systems create less turbulence in the tank, reducing the danger of generating static electricity.
• Bottom loading not only reduces vapors, which can be an environmental hazard, but this system can also be easily adapted to fully recover vapors displaced during loading.
• Speed is a key advantage of bottom loading because tanks can be filled faster and a number of compartments can be loaded simultaneously.
• Bottom loading islands are simpler and cheaper to build than top loading racks. You can realize more savings because you’ll safely load more material in a shorter time with less spillage and vapor loss. OPW offers a complete line of equipment for efficiently loading and unloading petroleum products, chemicals, and liquefied gases.


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