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Тръби с единична стена Тръби с единична стена
SMARTFLEX single wall pipes for the transport of petroleum products, alcohols, alcohol-gasoline mixtures and bio fuels. A primary pipe is the pipe that carries fuel. When primary pipe is used without a secondary pipe it is called a SINGLE WALL pipe. Primary pipe is a multilayer pipe manufactured through a production process called “co-extrusion” (contemporary extrusion of various layers of pipe comprised of different materials). It combines the excellent mechanical properties of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and the low permeability and high chemical resistance of an inner and/or outer layer made of a polymeric material specifically suited to the application. This inner layer guarantees the following: •A barrier impermeable to fuels •Excellent resistance to wearing •High resistance to long-term pressure •Limited head loss

Тръби с двойна стена Тръби с двойна стена
SMARTFLEX double wall pipes for the transport of fuels, alcohols, alcohol-gasoline mixtures and bio fuels. A DOUBLE WALL pipe is a primary pipe encapsulated by a secondary pipe. In SMARTFLEX double wall pipes, the secondary pipe is not just a containment barrier but it is a real high-density polyethylene pipe capable of sustaining the pressure or pressure drop of an automated monitoring system. This external pipe is also available with an inner barrier layer as requested by standards (e.g. UL) and by customers’ specific requests. The advantages are as follows: • Excellent chemical resistance to alcohols



Тръби с единична стена Електропроводими - Фитинги с единична стена
The single wall electro-fusion fitting range includes:
• Couplings (model SME)
• 90° elbows (model SGE)
• 45° elbows (model SCE)
• Tees (model STE)
All provide a considerable insertion length and thickness, thus ensuring secure connection as well as quick and secure installation.

Тръби с единична стена Фитинги с единична стена
The single wall fitting range includes the following: • Threaded adapters (model SAM/SAF) with brass, nickel plated or AISI 316 stainless steel parts for special applications (e.g. AdBlue/DEF/Urea) • Long risers (model SALM) • Swivel adapters (model SAFSW) with gasket resistant to fuels • Loose flanges (model SFLAK) suitable for flanged connections. This model is available also with Viton gaskets and AISI 316 stainless steel flanges for special applications (e.g. AdBlue/ DEF/Urea). • Square flange kits (model SAFFQ) for compact connections • Reducers • End caps

Тръби с единична стена Електропроводими - Фитинги с двойна стена
Double wall electro-fusion fittings are manufactured using NUPIGECO proprietary procedures and technologies and are the most innovative products of their kind available on the market. SMARTFLEX double wall electro-fusion fittings are entirely coaxial, therefore allowing them to have a continuous interstitial space that can be monitored. The interstitial space can be accessed through termination fittings (model SETFV) equipped with special quick connection valves compatible with pneumatic components that are available on the market. It can also be accessed through specific SMARTFLEX double wall fittings equipped with a special test port (model SGEDWTP, SMEDWTP and STEDWTP).

Тръби с единична стена Фитинги с двойна стена
The long spigot double wall adapter (model SAWFD) enables a more compact transition and can be used with flex connectors. It is also available with a stainless steel (AISI 316) threaded insert for special applications (e.g. AdBlue/DEF/Urea).


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